Friday, 4 September 2015

Dear Teachers, Thank you!

Dear Teachers,

Thank you for making me who I am today.

Thank you for being there when I could not make sense of things. Thank you for giving me knowledge and teaching me values. Thank you for teaching me how to survive and thrive in this world.

Thank you for making fascinating me in class day after day. Thank you for making me curious enough to learn things on my own. Thank you for teaching me that teaching people things is as important as learning.

Thank you for making the classroom feel like home. Thank you for bringing joy in the class and for making it a fun place. Thank you for teaching me compassion and love.

Thank you for teaching me life lessons along with studies in the simplest way possible. Thank you walking the thin line of stopping me from making mistakes and letting me learn from my mistakes after I had made them.

Thank you for showing me how a great teacher inspires and leads. Thank you for doing a phenomenal job day in and day out without letting up.

Thank you for guiding students to becoming better human being.

Thank you for making me a better human being.

Thank you!

[Please share this or any other message with a teacher who has impacted your life. They will love it.]


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