Wednesday, 2 September 2015

India's Educated Unemployment: Aspiration v Capability

India will become the youngest country in the world by 2020 and will have 64% of its population in the working age group. It is a demographic advantage which a lot of countries would love. It only remains an advantage if that part of the demographic is employable.

It is a very big challenge for a country to make its population employable. It is different from the population just being educated. It means there has to be a co-relation between skills/knowledge taught in schools/colleges and skills/knowledge required by the market. 

The trend that is emerging in India is that a lot of our youth is educated and has a degree but is not ready to join work without being given extensive training. A lot of companies have publicly stated that the quality of graduates that our colleges are producing are not market ready and need to be re taught most of the things so as to make them employable. 

So basically, when our graduates enter the market and try to do work, they seem a little like this:

Now this is a problem but it can be solved by training the candidate properly after he/she graduates. It is not the best way but it is still a solution. 

The bigger problem arises when candidates don't realise that their skills/knowledge are not up to the mark to do the things market demands of them and hence their expectations from the market will also remain unfulfilled. 

To understand this better, lets look at the graph below. Ideally, you would want our citizens to be at 'High capability and High Ambition' because its the best place to be at for anyone. Unfortunately, because of a lot of reasons, a lot of our citizens are at 'Low Capability, High Ambition'. It leads to a lot of problems for the candidates. It will result in job satisfaction dropping dramatically. If job satisfaction drops, so will job productivity and that's not good for anyone. 

Why is this happening?

There are various reasons for it. Candidates nowadays have a very high sense of entitlement. They believe that they deserve a lot right from the start and if they don't get it, I am being undervalued or under appreciated. A sense of entitlement is wrong on its own but for candidates who are barely employable, it is dangerous. 

Another reason could be the declining importance given to hard work when talking about successful people. Role models set the tone for the work culture of individuals. If they see that their role models got rich instantly and don't see the hard work they put in to achieve that success then they will not understand the importance of hard work. 

No one wants to talk about hard work because hard work is not sexy. It has stopped inspiring people because it involves a lot of effort. The result is 'fly by the night' role models keep cropping up. People end up disliking jobs which require hard work and go for things which they feel will give them instant success. The result is that a lot of people leave their jobs because of dissatisfaction and the market doesn't have enough employable pool to choose from to achieve their best results. It is a massive loss of efficiency all around. 

India's citizens will do well to find a match between their capability and their aspirations. Capability without aspirations is not good but aspirations without capability is disastrous. 


  1. That was nice, Hard Work is not Sexy !! It sure is not a bit close to sexy haha. And yes the capability and aspirations need to go hand in hand I guess, only when you are capable enough to achieve what you aspire to be is when you can be successful. You need to also be aware of what you are and live in the real world. Acceptance has always been one of the most insidious and pervasive issues of the human. See this - . Cheers !

  2. And yes I read that Open Letter of yours and it was good too, made me wana follow you. You write pretty well. :)

    1. Thank you. I am glad you liked it. :)

    2. You are the first Blogger I am following. I am glad to have found you, haha.

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