Saturday, 10 October 2015

Rules for Garba!

It's almost that time of the year again. The time Gujarat, among other places, gears up the longest dance festival in the world. No prizes for guessing, I am talking about Navratri.

I shall now attempt to tell you some 'rules' that you should know before you go round and round to dhinkchak music or on the other hand, curse the blaring sound from the nearby party plot however you wish to deal with the situation.

Anyways, here are the 'rules':

Rule 1: Garba is not just a gujarati thing. It's just another dance form. Anyone can learn it. It is not surprising to see a lot of non-gujaratis dance better than gujaratis. Being gujarati does not mean you are good at garba and being good at garba does not mean that you are a gujarati.

Rule 2: The thing they give after the pooja/aarti is called prashad. Take it that way. Don't skip dinner and then later on hog on prashad.

Rule 3: Dandiya is a prop. It's not a sword. Stop acting like Tipu Sultan. Be graceful. You just have to dance with it and not attack with it.

Rule 4: Sheri garba or garba's organised by small societies are always better than large grounds with insane crowds.

Rule 5: I agree that most girls look beautiful during Navratri. If you are a guy, don't be a creep and stare. If you are a girl, don't get jealous, you look just as good.

Rule 6: If you don't know how to dance, be discrete. Don't just jump around and show your stupidity. I know they say that you should dance like no one's watching but guess what, everyone's watching!

Rule 7: If you clap like a maniac and pelvic thrust your way around the ground then it will not be counted as dance. Garba grounds are not a place to 'Kill a mosquito and move inappropriately'.

Rule 8: If you don't have a large group to dance with, feel free to join other groups. No one will mind, or rather they would welcome you, as long as you just dance and remain civil. :)

Rule 9: If you stay in Gujarat, learn Garba. It will help you not just during Navratri but even when you are at a wedding or a disc. It will increase your social acceptability.

Rule 10:  Sanedo is awesome! Never challenge that fact or even hint at it being 'okay'.

Rule 11: If you are dancing on a ground and the music suddenly changes from 'Tara Vina Shyam' to 'Don't you worry child' then don't stop dancing and look surprised. Just go with it.

Rule 12: Going to eat out after garba is a tradition. Follow it religiously.

Rule 13: This is the only time when guys are allowed to take as much time to get ready as girls.

Rule 14: Even the silliest of steps will become a rage if you can convince a large group to do it. Don't be shy to innovate but keep Rule 6 in mind.

Rule 15: What happens during Navratri, stays on the Garba grounds.

For a glimpse on how people dance during Navratri, check out this video: click here

Get your dance mode on.

See you on the ground!

[Re-posted with slight modifications. Original can be found here.]