Wednesday, 23 December 2015

I sense a disturbance in the Force! #AwakenYourForce

In a Galaxy, far far away......

I have been a Star Wars fan for almost a decade now. I have also been using a laptop for over a decade. Laptop, like various other electronic machines, gave me a sense of power like no other. It meant I had the freedom to move around and work from anywhere. It doesn't seem like much now but at the beginning, it was almost magical.

Now that I think about it, I think laptop to me was what 'The Force' was for the Jedis. I got it before a lot of my friends did and that gave me, apart from bragging rights, a sense of power like no other. I could do things that they could not with their desktops. 

I recently saw the HP Star Wars Special Edition notebook. It looks great and is immensely powerful. It is the Han Solo of laptops. 

The backlighting keyboard ensures that you can use it at anytime and there will always be 'light' to ensure that the 'dark' side is never be able to stop you from using the keyboard. :P 

After using the HP Star Wars Special Edition notebook, I found out that its faster than the Millennium Falcon! Fully armed and operational, there's no other notebook like it in the galaxy. With a Galactic Empire-inspired design, commanding 6th generation Intel® Core™ i5 processor,1 and extensive collection of rare Star Wars™ content, it is irresistible. 

I think if I had the privilege of owing a HP Star Wars Special Edition notebook, I would take it with me all the time. I would show (off) everyone the amazing pre loaded videos. I would definitely take it to Comic Cons or other such events and use it as a conversation starter. :D 

I think most importantly, it would serve as a constant reminder of my love for Star Wars. 

Just like Star Wars is not 'just another movie francise', the HP Star Wars Special Edition notebook is not 'just another notebook'. 

I really wish I had one. *puppy dog face*

If you are not sure what is a HP Star Wars Special Edition notebook, check out this page

May the force be you!