Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Why is Elon Musk important to the world?

If you came to this page without knowing who is Elon Musk, you are either living under a rock or are just really inquisitive. 

Elon Musk is an entrepreneur to say the least. He has his set of dreams. He wants to make humans a multi-planetary species. He is CEO of SpaceX which is working relentlessly to make rockets which can go all the way to Mars. They have already made rockets which can land back safely and hence be reused. Elon is the CEO of Tesla Motors. The fastest growing electric car company in the world right now. Elon is also the chairman of Solar City. He wants to build a Hyperloop. These are just some of the things he has done or wants to do. 

Elon Musk is the closest we have to a real life Tony Stark [aka Iron Man]. 

I am a big fan of Musk. I have carefully chosen the word 'fan'. I find him immensely inspirational and someone whom I deeply admire. 


He dreams big. I mean, really really big. A decade ago or even five years ago, if you had publicly announced that you wanted humans to settle on Mars, you would have been sent to an asylum. Dreaming big is just one part of the process. He has started working and made progress towards his dream.

He is a man possessed. A man on a mission. It seems like literally nothing can come in between him and his dream. It is rare to see someone do that on such a big scale. He has faced so many challenges in his life already but he has fought them all and kept pushing himself. 

He cares about the rest of the world as well. I know that the only thing that drives him are his own dreams but the nature of the dreams is such that the entire world can benefit from it. The Solar City project, the reusable rockets and the Hyperloop will all benefit the world. He even made all of Tesla's patent free for anyone to use. He looks like the kind of person who genuinely wants the world to move away from fossil fuels. 

The most important thing that Musk bring is 'HOPE'. 

Hope that one day we will be able to travel and live on two different planets. Hope that one day we won't have to rely on fossil fuels and will be able to repair some of the damage we have had on our planet. Hope that everything is possible if you try hard enough and learn fast enough. Hope that dreams can become reality. 

I can only imagine but I guess this is how people felt when the first manned mission to the moon was successful. It is not the information we got from it that was important. It was the fact that someone had done what a lot of people thought was impossible. 

Maybe it will inspire someone to work towards ending world hunger or poverty or might inspire someone to find the cure for diseases that we currently think are incurable or might inspire someone to make something which none of us have imagined. 

Hope and Inspiration are two rare commodities and Elon Musk brings both of them in abundance.  

I am a fan and I know that he inspires me to do the things that I do everyday without losing hope. For me, Elon Musk and other people like him are what the world desperately needs right now. 

I wish I could meet Elon Musk someday and thank him for everything. I also wish I could travel to Mars and die there. I don't think I had ever imagined that I would ever say this. 

Thank you Mr Elon Musk!