Wednesday, 25 January 2017

The Curious Case of the Khopcha!

It is not unusual to find young couples in India hiding in corners of roads which even Robert Frost would avoid. They are not looking for an adventure. They are only looking to do 'adventurous' things without spoiling their image in the society!

What adventurous activities you ask?

Well, they try to 'cover all the bases'. IYKWIM.

Now my question is, why do people go to such secluded areas for all these 'adventurous' activities?

Its true what they say "In foreign countries, you can kiss in public but cannot urinate in public but in India, you can urinate in public but cannot kiss."

Society 'judges' you whenever they see a guy and a girl sitting alone and chatting. These kind of societal restriction are bound to frustrate youngsters who are bubbling with hormones and still don't understand the 'logic' behind society's arguments.

This has given rise to the growth of Khopchas.

What is a Khopcha?

Like everything offbeat, I decided to check the meaning of this word on Urban Dictionary. Khopchas are used to describe an isolate place/ seclusion especially to conduct nefarious activities.

Nefarious activities? Hmm. Ofcourse something like holding hands and chatting should not come under nefarious activities. But unfortunately, it does. Such crazy restrictions on display of affection by our society is the reason for a lot of our problems.

Imagine this: A girl cannot be seen sitting alone with a guy in a public place because of societal restructions, she agrees to meet him at a secluded location or perhaps at the guy's home when no one is around. It is a date. All good, right? Nope. We are assuming an ideal situation. Imagine something outward starts to happen on the date. The girl has no where to go because she chose to meet at a place where not many people will be able to see her. She compromised her safety on her own.

In an ideal situation, two people could meet anywhere they want to. Public or private. This would give both the girl and the guy enough freedom to plan their safety without sacrificing on their romantic ambitions. They could decide the level of interaction and intimacy on their own.

This would make Khopchas irrelevant. Hence increasing the overall safety of all the citizens.

Lets not be two faced. Lets hold on to our values even when no one is watching. Lets not force people into Khopchas for activities which are not nefarious.

Once we eliminate the need of a Khopcha, we will reduce the frustration that has crept into youngsters, be able better understand what the situation is and help them make an informed decision about what is right and what is wrong and thus start building a more mature society.

Lets start.


  1. India now becomes a place where no a girl alone can be seen with a boy because now they have the mentality that every boy there is a rapist. I am glad that you shared this wonderful post with us.

  2. wow best sir please keep it up