Saturday, 28 January 2017

The importance of being a follower

We always respect leaders. They are talked about and looked up to by people. Everyone aspires to be a leader. It is very natural. The flamboyance, the charm and the clout of a leader are thing which makes it a very desirable position.

But what we are forgetting is the chief ingredient that makes a leader effective. The followers. The people who make the leader, a leader. The people who give their support. The people who come together and give the leaders the power.

People always ask about our 'leadership skills'. Taking initiative is considered to be the most important thing. C.V.'s will have a specific place where we have to enlist areas in which we have shown our 'leadership skill'. I am not saying trying to be a leader it bad. Not at all. The world needs leaders. All I am saying is just like the world needs leaders, a leader needs followers.

The credit given for being a good follower is almost nothing. People think that following a leader is easy. It's not. It requires sacrifices. Although a follower follows someone because he believes that his and the leader's view match to a greater extent, sometimes when the views of the follower are not in sync with the leader's then the follower is the one who has to let go. Leader might decide the plan of action but its the followers who actually implement it.

Twitter teaches us that we all begin by following someone. It does not necessarily mean we agree to all that leader says but it means that we like the person and respect his views. Side by side, we also post our own views. People who like them follow us.

In a group discussion, people always think that the person who leads the discussion is the best. But what people generally fail to see is the opinion which a person chooses to support. The views you support show more about your character than the view you hold. Because just like a leader is judged by the type of followers he has, a follower is judged by the type of people he follows.

So the next time you seen a group of people working efficiently and one of the members taking the lead, spare a thought for the member who chugs along, unnoticed. :)

P.S. - This in no way means followers are better than leaders. They are both dependent on each other and equally important.

P.P.S. - If you want to know how movements start and what the role of a follower and a leader are, watch this short TED talk


  1. I’m glad you decided to talk about the importance of the role of a follower. I agree it is mostly neglected. Hope this post will help people reflect on the thought.

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