Thursday, 1 March 2018

Is it remarkable?

I saw this TED Talk by Seth Godin called 'How to get your ideas to spread'. It is 19 minutes long but it is truly one of the best TED Talks I have seen. It is remarkable because of how well I could connect everything I do to this talk. 

Watch it before you read further. 

Influence is a very big word. In our world, being an influential person is a big advantage. It amplifies your impact. It helps you spread your ideas. It helps you do things that not everyone can do.

In the development sector, influence becomes even more important because having good ideas is not enough. We need to sell our idea and others need to buy it. Be it a change in mindset or action that we are working towards, we are always selling an idea. 

"The things that's going to decide - what gets talked about, what gets done, what gets changed, what gets purchased, what gets built is: "Is it remarkable?" "

Is the work that you do remarkable? Is the way you work remarkable? Are your ideas remarkable? Are your outcomes remarkable? Is your project remarkable? Is the way you tell your story remarkable? 

Are you wondering why does someone like you need to be remarkable?

Well, because you have the right kind of ideas. You are working on making a difference in the world. Now, it requires more than just positive intent and hard work. You need to spread your idea. You need your friends to tell their friends about the work you do. You need your friends to believe in the things you do. That's how a movement is built. That's what leaders do. They increase the sphere of influence of the ideas that they think can change the world.

Every single day you are selling your ideas and yourself even if you don't realize it.

The question is, are you and/or your ideas remarkable


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