Thursday, 1 March 2018

Support Challenge Matrix

[Wrote this for teachers.]

I have always been a big fan of this. I love matrix in general but this one is my current favorite. I learnt about it during a session by Mike Johnston (of Truth and Hope) fame. He talked about how we expect such great things from our students but don't give them that level of support. It leads to them failing sometimes. 

The above image is pretty self explanatory. A lot of you have really high expectations of your students i.e. your challenge to them. The support they get is sometimes not enough. Support is a tricky thing. It needs to be there in the right amount and it needs to be the right kind of support.

We all have kids who are really well taken care of by their parents. They parents provide them everything but the expectations from them are low or non-existent. It leads to a culture of entitlement. 

We also have kids whose parents have really high expectations from them but the support they provide is either inadequate or misaligned. These are kids who live in fear. 

We also have kids whose parents send them to school just because its something kids are supposed to do. They have no expectation from the kids and there is almost no support from the parents. It breeds apathy. 

The high performing kids are the ones who are both challenged by their parents and their teachers and also get the right kind of support from them. 

All the above four situations are true for adults as well. Think about it when you are deciding expectations/challenges and support for people you work with everyday. 

Remember that the situation to be in is 'High Challenge and High Support'. Make sure you do that for your kids. 

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