Thursday, 1 March 2018

The Ladder of Inference


Apoorv is a fellow in public private partnership school. Apoorv's HM, Sulekha Madam, calls him to her office and gives him some 'super urgent' administrative work. Apoorv remembers that about a week ago he had given Sulekha Madam the exact same data that she was asking for right now. He thinks that Sulekha Madam is doing this just to irritate him. He assumes that Sulekha Madam knew they had to submit the same data twice and still did not tell him about it because she doesn't like him. He concludes that she is jealous of him because he is a far better teacher and more knowledgeable as well. He starts to believe that all school HMs are incompetent and are there only because they couldn't get any other job or are relatives of the trustee. He decides to henceforth not share his ideas about school improvement with Sulekha Madam.

Sounds familiar?

Watch this video to see what is Ladder of Inference and how did Apoorv climbed it.

This is probably one of my most favorite topics. I use it everyday in my life to reflect on how I am thinking and it affects my actions. It has helped me improve on my inter personal relations and also made me slightly more empathetic. It taught me how and what to clarify if I sense someone climbing the ladder.

I sometimes use this to point out cognitive mistakes my parents and making. They are likely to throw me out of the house soon. 

Irrespective of that, this is a fantastic tool. Check out this link for more details on the Ladder of Inference. The website is also a great place to learn about other things. Do check it out. 

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