Thursday, 1 March 2018

What you do everyday is what you will be tomorrow

I am a big fan of habits. I love noticing habits, cultivating habits and even help in setting up habits. I think it is beautiful. The pattern. The consistency of doing things the same way. I know that some people might think it is boring to do the same thing everything. I believe that habits help you be more creative. Habits can bread efficiency be it in getting work done or being creative. 

Habits decide what you will become in the future. Good habits make you a better version of yourself in a systematic manner and bad habits destroy you just as systematically. 

All of us have personal and professional aspirations. They require change from our current method of living or working. My bet is that habits are the most effective way of reaching those aspirations. They are swift, clean and difficult to unlearn. 

All the fantastic people of the world have habits which are equally fantastic. Actually, it is not the habit which is fantastic, it is the ability to make it a habit that makes these people exceptional. 

What habits are you going to practice? 

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